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Registered Name: Action For Humanity Canada

Business No: 781903141RR0001


Education is the key to a better future. It helps children to increase their skills, fulfil their potential and pursue their goals. However, this basic human right is denied to millions of children and adults in many communities throughout the world. We prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable children living in conflict areas and we helped over 100,000 students access education through our projects in 2021. We stop the threat of “lost generations”, tackle cycles of poverty and keep children away from dropping out of schools and falling victims to exploitation through the provision of inclusive education in times of crisis.

In 2021 we supported 154 schools across the globe by building new schools, rehabilitating existing ones, training teachers and providing educational materials. Alongside education, we have integrated psychosocial support for out-of-school, displaced and host communities’ children through creative mobile education interventions. These projects provide immediate and creative access to the most marginalised IDPs, host community children and young adolescents in a safe and protective learning environment.