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OUR MISSION  Action Nouvelle Vie provides tangible assistance to families and individuals who are struggling with poverty, while placing a specific emphasis on the children.

A firm determination towards transforming life conditions and decreasing suffering of the most underprivileged. An un failing commitment to improving the quality of life and proper development of children.  A permanent practive of zero discrimination in the services we offer.  Our collective responsibility to preserve the dignity of individuals in each of our actions for help and support.  An objective of excellence when carrying out our mission on a daily basis.


GOOD START   This program offers support to pregnant women and newborns, to overcome the harmful consequences of poverty on newborns'health.

MOTHERS IN ACTION  Thanks to workshops, conferences and diverse activities, this program seeks to reinforce parental and relational skills of at-risk mothers, while boosting their self-confidence.

FOOD COUNTER  Filled with healthy and balanced food, Action Nouvelle Vie's food counter offers everything a family needs to meet their nutritional needs.

FOOD BANK  To prevent waster, Action Nouvelle Vie sends food surplus to partner organizations in the region.

FRIPERIE LE SUPPORT  This boutique offers new and second-hand quality clothing at a very modest price. Children and adults can find all they need throughout the year.

CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYONE  To allow underprivileged families to have a nicer Christmas holiday, Action Nouvelle Vie gives out food, gifts and clothing during this annual festive event.

BACK TO SCHOOL  Every August children receive school bags and school supplies to start the year on the right track thereby increasing their chances for success.

SCHOOL...I'M HERE TO STAY  Through recreational activities, gifts, sport camps, snacks and more, we aim at providing equal opportunities to children in need.

LE 2159  Le 2159 works with youth people between 15 and 24 to prevent and counter deliquency, homelessness and sexual exploitation. Through workshops and personal follow-up, the project aims to draw youth out of their solitude and isolation, help youth develop their autonomy.


VOLUNTEERING  The volunteers at Action Nouvelle Vie are the engine that enables us to move forward and break through the daily barriers.

ROUE DE SECOURS  This program allows vulnerable young people to learn the basics skills to repair bicycles through an internship. The bicycles are then given to children in need.

COMMUNITY SERVICE  This program is intended for people with penal sanctions.  It offers a program for community work hours with help for socio-economic reintegration thus avoiding incarceration or severe sanctions.

CENTRE DE RÉADAPTATION EN DÉFICIENCE INTELLECTUELLE (CRDI)  Every week, people affected by a mild intellectual disability develop their autonomy and self-esteem while acquiring work experience.

What People Are Saying

"I lost my job a few weeks before Christmas. Action Nouvelle Vie gave my three children Christmas gifts and we received a big food basket. It will make a huge difference for our family!"

— Sébastien, beneficiary and volunteer

"Thanks to the Mères en Action workshops, I came out of my shell, and I was able to learn a lot more about myself. I think that today I am a better mom for my children."

— Caroline

"Young people who lack support at home are more at risk of being manipulated and lured into gangs where they face violence and exploitation. They need an anchor and people they know they can trust."

— Pascale Philibert, Manager of the Mobilis Project at DPJ

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