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Our Vision

  • Compassion and Justice for Refugees

Our Mission

Action Réfugiés Montréal is a strong voice for refugees in Montréal and beyond. As a not-for-profit, faith-inspired organization we seek justice for asylum-seekers and refugees.

We promote partnerships among people in refugee and faith communities and society at large for mutual empowerment.

Through our Detention, Sponsorship and Twinning programs we provide hope and assistance while raising awareness of refugee rights.  

adopted March 3, 2015

About Our Charity

Three Programs That Make a Difference

With 7 staff members and the help of over 100 volunteers annually, ARM provides direct, person-to-person accompaniment that helps refugeed people start new lives in Canada.

  • we help  refugee claimants get the safety they are seeking and develop a sense of belonging in Canadian society. We visit the Immigration Holding Centre in Laval, Québec twice a week, where detained are detained in jail-like conditions;
  • we help family members in Canada sponsor refugees to come to Canada;
  • we twin women refugees with Canadian residents to reduce isolation and promote interculturalism;
  • ARM makes a strong commitment to Education and Advocacy through the work of our Director and staff.

What People Are Saying

"Action Réfugiés Montreal helps where help is badly needed. Refugees, coming out of hard circumstances and thrown into a very strange country are so very vulnerable. ARM has the focus and expertise to extend to them that badly needed hand, so that they get a fair chance here in Canada. "

— Marnee (Margaret) Manson & Jack Hanna

"I sympathize with the genuine refugees. I am pleased to be able to support those at ARM who understand the system, who help the deserving cases to get in and who show compassion to other deserving cases who are rejected. "

— Jim Murray

"“On behalf of UNHCR, I wish to express our gratitude for the competent and dedicated work that ARM achieves for detained asylum-seekers and refugees and for supporting the next generation in the refugee domain. “ "

— --Denise Otis, Legal Officer. UNHCR

"ARM punches above its weight, by directly impacting thousands of refugees or by influencing public opinion. ARM’s education efforts impact the public discourse affecting refugee rights. I am proud to have been a part of ARM for twenty years."

— Mitch Goldberg, Immigration lawyer

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