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Active Care Response Team (ACRT)

Registered Name: Active Care Response Team (ACRT)

Business No: 815359211RR0001

Active Care Response Team (ACRT)


Responding to and serving communities in need since 2008.

Our Story:

ACRT was envisioned in 2000 through the work of Lizzy Walker and aimed to address communities living with HIV/AIDS and those negatively impacted by the virus. Travelling to Africa, ACRT began working with local groups and individuals, returning yearly with medical supplies, nutritional supplements, and donations to help people suffering from HIV/AIDS and other poverty related diseases.

Moving Forward:

ACRT is an organization dedicated to serving communities with real life issues, supporting sustainable community initiatives, providing health and disaster relief to communities near and far.

Being faced with new and often crisis situations developing locally and around the world, ACRT continues to adapt in order to respond and meet these challenges successfully. Our team members offer a variety of skills to initiate recovery: from crisis intervention and short-term care to clinics, orphan care, self-sustaining work and training opportunities. Their many areas of expertise allow them to provide a variety of services and community development initiatives.

We provide transportation to healthcare services, translators, foodbanks and soup kitchen for our migrant worker and senior’s programs. Our volunteer teams work in close liaison with organizations abroad to deliver goods and services, other agencies and health care providers. We strive to provide access to essential medicines, education, services, support, resources, direct intervention and recovery assistance.




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