ALAS Dufferin

Registered Name: Active Lives After School Dufferin

Business Number: 831592381RR0001

Active Lives = Active Giving

We want to be a force for good.

Active Lives After School (ALAS) Dufferin is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities and special needs. We serve young adults who have completed their high school programs and need purposeful, engaging, community based programs to continue their development and make a difference with their lives. ALAS is a grass roots, parent founded, registered charity.

ALAS programs in a unique way: we are a day program that gives back.

Along with recreational and therapeutic programming we are creating a vibrant volunteering and support network in the town of Orangeville ON. We are building strong community partnerships that allow people of ALL abilities to contribute and make an impact. ALAS is also distinctive because all members of the program including participants, staff, parents and volunteers work together in these projects. No one sits out, we can all be agents of change.

We are asking for support in these endeavors. Please see our website for more detailed “Impact Sheets” that outline exactly how we give back, the amount of hours volunteered, and resources shared with other non-profits in Dufferin County.

If you give to these programs your dollars go twice as far. Not only are you supporting an energetic, hard-working group of people with disabilities and their support staff, you are giving directly to other non-profit groups working to solve problems. Together we are combating hunger, creating change in the environment, connecting with other marginalized groups, and ultimately supporting each other.

The young people we support need hands on help with carrying out tasks, and with functional communication. Our staff team is there for them. We have a truly phenomenal group of staff that are working for moderate wages because their passion is people. Above all they believe in inclusion, visibility of all members of our community, and generous living.

Please join us in deeply impacting the lives the participants at the ALAS program and the ripple effect into the greater community. Your dollars are double strength, and your support is immeasurable.