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The Adoption Council of Canada is Canada’s voice for adoption, unifying communities’ commitment to permanency for waiting children and youth. We support and encourage people along their adoption journey, connecting them to the families and resources they need.

Our vision is a permanent, supported family for every waiting child and youth in Canada.

As Canada’s only national, non-profit, charitable organization serving adopted persons, adoptive families, and birth families, we are focused on the need to raise awareness about the approximately 30,000 children and youth in government care across Canada who need permanent families (through kinship care, adoption, customary care and legal guardianship). We also facilitate programs that promote the placement of waiting children and youth in permanent, safe, loving and culturally competent families.

Please visit our website to see our values, as well as the many projects that we are working on across Canada. 
Help us ensure the success of our initiatives to support all children and youth in and from government care, and support adoptive families across Canada.
As Canada’s only national organization raising awareness about adoption, legal guardianship, kinship care and customary care, we have developed and implemented several successful national initiatives aimed at supporting children in or from foster and group care, and adoptive families.
Canada’s Waiting Children – Canada’s Waiting Children is the only national photolisting service profiling waiting children and youth across Canada. Overall, CWC has had an 85% success rate in helping to match children and youth in care with permanent adoptive families in our provinces and territories.
Youth Speak Out Program (YSO) – The Youth Speak Out Program is a national network of youth in and from foster and group care who use their voices, their art and their stories to advocate for permanent families for children and youth. We have Youth Speak Out teams from coast to coast. Our teams speak to potential adoptive parents, social workers, judges, lawyers, politicians, policymakers, and all those interested in making permanency a priority for children and youth in foster care.
Best Practices TrainingThe Adoption Council of Canada has now trained more than 150 child welfare practitioners across Canada on Best Practices to find permanency for vulnerable children and youth with disabilities. Our Urgency Around Permanency: Best Practices Guidebook supports workers and practitioners in their efforts to find permanency for Canada’s waiting children and youth.
Journey Home - An interactive bus tour, Journey Home educates community members and leaders about some of the most vulnerable children and youth in their community.
Aging Out Without a Safety Net - Our three-year project is intended to strengthen partnerships between organizations that work with young women who age out of the child welfare system in the areas of housing, justice, mental health, addictions, trafficking, education and maternal health and to encourage them to share solutions and best practices, with each other and with policy-makers.

What People Are Saying

"November 2013 I spoke at the (ACC) Heart Gallery and there was a family there...I had always thought being an older kid that no one would be interested in finding me. But that's not the case....It's a pretty amazing story. I have (three) brothers and an awesome Mom and Dad now."

— Jesse, 19, Edmonton, AB.

"I aged out of care at 18. Youth Speak Out provided me the opportunity to share my experiences of being in care and the effects of aging out. I did it so that I could help those that came after me; I never expected that I would have permanency because of it. Now I have a forever family. "

— Miranda, 22, Edmonton, AB.

"Because no matter how old you are, no matter how strong you think you are, everyone needs someone. It's the truth. I don't think there's any other way to put it. No matter how old I am, I will always need my Mom. "

— Susan, 21, Winnipeg, MB.

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