Registered Name: ADRA CANADA

Business Number: 132056813RR0001

Our Mission

To achieve our vision of a world without poverty we will deliver lasting solutions that

  • invest in practical interventions,
  • involve others in innovative action, and
  • implement effective procedures.

Invest: Practical solutions are lasting solutions. The poor know what they need to break the cycle of poverty. We will include them and invest in their solutions.

Involve: Volunteers and organizations are our partners. We will invite their participation and with their expertise, innovate creative solutions and make the greatest impact on those in need.

Implement: Effective procedures are the key to efficient and cost effective delivery. We will review and improve our implementation practices on an ongoing basis.


ADRA operates worldwide in approximately 134 countries.

ADRA seeks to identify and address social injustice and deprivation in developing countries.

ADRA invests in the potential of individuals through community development initiatives targeting Food Security, Economic Development, Primary Health and Basic Education. ADRA's emergency management initiatives provide aid to disaster survivors.

ADRA recognizes the dignity that is inherent in each person and is committed to improving the quality of human life. It serves people without regard to their ethnic, political, or religious association. It helps those in need, especially those most vulnerable, such as women and children.

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