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Afro Canadian Development Inc.

Registered Name: Afro Canadian Development Inc.

Business No: 846527919RR0001

Helping refugees, immigrants, newcomers, homeless & less privileged in Canada - housing, mental health support, education & employment.

Afro Canadian Development Inc.


In 2022, over 100 million people around the world have been forced to leave their home country due to civil war, persecution, human trafficking, conflict and violence. Upon arrival to a different land with different laws, education and health systems, languages and cultural expectations, they face several financial, mental, emotional and cultural challenges. They are ordinary people like you and me who have lost everything. The only thing left are the scars of war, memories of their loved ones, traumatic events, future uncertainty, and distress.

It all started with our president's story as he was a refugee when he first entered Canada. Depressed, scared and with no knowledge of the challenges that were awaiting him in this new land, he was able to survive the horrors of being a refugee in a new land because of the assistance provided by the Government of Canada and the United Nations (UN). It was at that moment, that our director decided that he wanted to help and support other immigrants and refugees in any way possible to resettle in Canada. Afro-Canadian Development Inc. is the result of this same vision.

Afro Canadian Development Inc. (Charity # 846527919RR0001), is a registered charity organization serving refugees, immigrants, homeless and less privileged communities in GTA focusing on four major areas: settlement, mental health, education and stronger communities. We aim to have a lasting, long-term positive change in the lives of newcomers, immigrants, refugees, the homeless, and less privileged people living in Greater Toronto Area, Canada. 

Our Services:

1) Information and Referral: We provide settlement resources and referrals to immigration and legal aid lawyers for immigrants and refugees settling in Ontario.

2) Mental Health Services: We advocate mental health enhancement for refugees & immigrants who are struggling with mental health challenges through one-on-one counselling sessions, peer support and mental health-related sessions.

3) Education & Training: We partner with community organizations and professional experts to deliver several vocational, accredited training courses, workshops & seminars to enhance their skills and knowledge and ultimately lead them towards an independent life.

4) Employment support: We assist with finding meaningful job opportunities for refugees & immigrants through several employment support sessions like resume & cover writing, skill-building sessions and workshops, job search & interview techniques, and employment referrals.

5) Community Program: Our initiatives are largely focused on serving vulnerable and racialized communities. We conduct several community events to meet the needs of the GTA community which include Food & Water distribution program, Back To School Aid, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Gift A Christmas Program and many more.

Our Community Giving

1) Food & Water Donation Program For People In Need

Today, more and more people are facing hunger and food insecurity due to rising inflation. According to Food Banks Canada, about 7 million people in Canada have reported going hungry between March 2020-March 2022. It’s heartbreaking to know that these many people are compelled to go to bed without enough food which is a basic necessity for human survival.

With the aim to contribute to addressing this hunger/ food crisis, Afro Canadian Development in association with Fire of Miracle Ministries and Tim Hortons Keele & Finch organized “Food & Water Donation For People In Need” on July 30 2022 at George Street.

Through this event, we gave out dumplings, water and bakery items from Tim Hortons and we were able to feed 200 homeless and street people around the area. We are glad that we could give them a tiny ray of hope with the limited food and helping hands that we had. At the end of the event, the team left with a heavy heart but also with a promise to return back with more helping hands. We are pleased to work for the community and feed the hungry.

2) Back To School Aid

It is that time of the year when the future pillars of our nation get ready to learn, grow & experience greater heights at school. While going back to school can be an exciting & fun time for many students, the experience can be just the opposite for children from low-income families. Purchasing back-to-school supplies can be financially stressful for families as they continue to struggle with the surging inflation & post-pandemic effect.

With the aim to support families struggling to afford school supplies for their children, Back To School Aid was organized by Afro Canadian Development on September 05, 2022. Through the event, we were able to equip nearly 60 children & youths with essential school supplies including school bags, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighter, notebook, glue, geometry box, ruler, sharpener and many more to help them prepare for their successful school year ahead & beyond.

3) Thanksgiving Food Drive 2022

Thanksgiving season is here. It’s the day of giving, sharing & being thankful for all the blessings God has given us. People in Canada celebrate this special occasion by spending time with their families and sharing delicious meals together. However, celebrating Thanksgiving Day isn’t a luxury for the less privileged families in our community. Just like every other family, they also wish to celebrate this day with their loved ones but are compelled to suppress their wishes as they struggle to meet their daily needs.

We see their pain; we feel their sadness & disappointment. Therefore, our charity organization (Afro Canadian Development Inc.) had taken a small initiative with the hope to give little joy to those needy families in our community through our “Thanksgiving Food Drive” event on October 10, 2022. On this day, we were able to provide free thanksgiving meals and snacks to those families so they can share them with their loved ones to celebrate this auspicious day.

4) Gift A Christmas

Christmas is all about giving. With the giving and sharing spirit at heart, Afro Canadian Development has successfully organized “GIFT A CHRISTMAS” program for less privileged children in the community. This program allowed individuals and our community members to come together to fulfill the wishes of underprivileged children in the community of GTA and bring smiles to their faces this Christmas season. Through this program, we were able to provide toy kits and winter essentials to nearly 70 children.

5. Beginner’s Coding Session for 6 to 10 years

Afro Canadian Development Inc. has started a STEM initiative with MakerKids and funded by CIBC Foundation, for underprivileged children and youths to open new doors of opportunity with the chance of making a significant impact in the upcoming future of children and youth (6 to 18 years).The first coding session held on Jan 14, 2023, was related to Coding for 6 to 10 years encouraging, inspiring, preparing, and guiding aspiring children to pursue a career in STEM through fun and engaging coding sessions.

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