Registered Name: Premier Jour After Breast Cancer

Business Number: 849225040RR0001

after BREAST CANCER,” a volunteer-driven registered charity, helps breast cancer “graduates" with limited financial resources and no insurance obtain their basic post-operative needs at no personal cost.

after BREAST CANCER’s Mission is to empower Canadians nationwide who are affected by breast cancer through after care education, resources, financial aid and community engagement.

after BREAST CANCER focuses on women who have survived, women who don’t have insurance, women who cannot have their basic needs met after a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. As the survival rates improve, additional resources that support a woman’s Quality of Life (“QOL”) after breast cancer are required to assist women with the various issues that arise during and after treatment. 

  1. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: To identify underserved areas in breast cancer survivorship that lack resources and provide evidence based information that can facilitate informed decision making on issues related to breast cancer survivorship.
  2. DIRECT SUPPORT: To provide women who have NO insurance and limited financial resources with a mastectomy bra, camisole and breast prosthesis at NO cost to them after breast removal surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy).
  3. SUPPORT FOR THE FUTURE: To provide resources that contribute to a woman’s Quality of Life (QOL) after breast cancer.

What People Are Saying

"If the After Breast Cancer Program didn't exist, I would be still stuffing my old bras with anything I could find and hoping that it matched close enough for others not to notice. Thank you for everything you do to help women like me "

— Elizabeth, Breast Cancer Survivor and ABC Ambassader

"Don’t all women deserve to feel attractive and confident, especially those who have survived breast cancer? Lend your support today!"

— Alicia Vianga- Founder of After Breast Cancer

"This is an amazing program to help women find themselves again, so they can go on to have an amazing life, because life is worth living"

— Cynthia Mulligan, TV Presenter and Breast Cancer “Graduate"

"These women are beautiful and they are being celebrated, who could say no to that . . . not me"

— Christine Bentley, Canadian Journalist

"Within three hours of my placing that first phone call I had a new prosthetic that was the right size, I had a proper fitting bra and most importantly I felt good about my appearance again. Something I hadn’t felt in a very long time."

— Cathy, Breast Cancer Survivor and ABC Ambassader

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