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Ag for Life

Registered Name: Agriculture for Life Inc.

Business No: 845824507RR0001

Ag for Life is dedicated to providing high quality agriculture and rural and farm safety education throughout Alberta.

Ag for Life


Our Mission

Ag for Life is a champion for Alberta agriculture. Our primary goal is to educate the next generation of Albertans on the opportunities that agriculture affords for a safe and sustainable future.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is a charitable organization that seeks to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the value of the agriculture sector to our health and to our future. We accomplish our mission through the development and delivery of impactful educational programs and awareness raising activities. Through these efforts, we envision healthier communities, a sustainable and safe agriculture sector and a world that has a stable and healthy food supply.

It has been said that Canada should be a world food superpower leading the way in overcoming problems related to food production and land management, including health and nutrition, land use planning and natural resource conservation. In a rapidly changing world, with an ever growing population, the need for sustainable agriculture is imperative.

At Ag for Life we believe innovative solutions to these problems lie within the grasp of the next generation and as such we are committed to delivering impactful and thought-provoking agriculture-based educational experiences for K to 12 students in rural and urban settings throughout the province designed to stimulate thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.


32 Priddis Creek Drive

Foothills, AB, T0L 1W2

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