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Rural Safety Unit

Registered Name: Agriculture for Life Inc.

Business No: 845824507RR0001

Rural Safety Unit

The all-new, much anticipated, Rural Safety Unit travels to rural schools, communities, fairs, and other events throughout Alberta to educate, encourage and promote safety. The program is aimed at rural grade 4 to 12 studentsvolunteers, teachers, young farm workers and farm families, who live on, work, play, or visit farms and ranches.  

The Rural Safety Unit has seven interactive stations that include hazard identification, large animals, equipment, utilities, chemicals and personal protective equipment. The stations are hands-on, offering users the opportunity to learn while they engage with digital, tactile and mechanical interactive displays.Modularity has been built into the content so that it can be tailored for various audiences and expanded as needed to meet additional targets and topics. Such topic includes distracted driving and rural road safety. With our focus on youth, these topics are not only relevant, but lifesaving.   

Your generous gift helps keep rural youth, families, and communities safe!