Agriculture in the Classroom SK


Business Number: 886874692RR0001

AITC-SK connects kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential programs and resources. In 2017, we reached 74,000 students from 580 schools in 224 communities in Saskatchewan.

Vision: A Saskatchewan community that understands, appreciates, and respects agriculture.

Mission:Connect kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential, curriculum-based programs and resources.

Our mission is achieved through the following objectives.

  • Provide accurate, balanced, and current agricultural information
  • Provide hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students
  • Create an awareness of the career opportunities available in the agriculture sector
  • Create an awareness of the impact agriculture has on daily life
  • Improve the perception of agriculture
  • Engage students in learning through agricultural activities

At AITC-SK we believe in providing hands-on learning opportunities for students as this has proven to be very effective in helping students learn. Partnerships are incredibly important and we are pleased to play a major role in the organization and implementation of many agriculture education programs, in addition to the many we manage independently. As a result of strong relationships with the Education sector, we have developed an excellent understanding of the curricula and work with commodity organizations to ensure their presentations meet the curriculum outcomes. We also provide support in the form of event organization, evaluation tools, and provision of interactive presentations.

AITC-SK develops educational resources and provides them at no cost to teachers across Saskatchewan. In 2017, we distributed 10,000+ resources to teachers. We are working diligently to ensure that more teachers become aware of these resources and provide professional development opportunities for teachers during teacher conventions.

What People Are Saying

"I love having the garden in my classroom! It is so engaging for the kids and seeing them light up and get excited about it warms my heart, makes me excited and makes me love teaching!!"

— Teacher, Princess Alexandra School, Saskatoon, SK

"What an excellent opportunity for students to learn about a topic so important and vital to Saskatchewan! The hands-on activities were much loved and my students loved every minute!"

— Teacher, Vickers School, Prince Albert

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