Albatros Levis

Registered Name: Albatros Lévis

Business Number: 847639804RR0001


Albatros Lévis is an organization whose mission is to provide free support to people with serious illnesses in palliative care, as soon as the diagnosis is announced.  This support can take place at home, in a residence, at the hospital or at a palliative care home.

Through this companionship, Albatros Lévis provides support and respite to caregivers.

In this perspective, Albatros also has the mission to support and train people, in palliative and end-of-life care support.


In regards to training

  • Train all the people who wish it, to enable them to support the user in accordance with  the Albatros’s approach.

In regards to accompanying people and the resulting respite

  • Ensure the management and supervision of the companions
  • Promote Albatros’s services in the community

In regards to the support and supervision of the companions

  • Support and supervise volunteers companions
  • Ensure the protection and evaluation of the user’s satisfaction
  • Ensure the development, management and financing of the organization


An helping hand extended from one human being to another human being,vwithout discrimination of any kind.

An Albatros companion offers free of charge to the sick person and his family

  • His presence, a good ear, respect and support
  • His help to walk on in order to allow them to take the time to live to the end.

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