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AdaptAbilities empowers individuals and families with special needs to grow, succeed, and belong. 

Why AdaptAbilities?

AdaptAbilities is a registered charity that provides enhanced respite programming and services to children and adults. The enhanced programming uses a human rights approach to adapt everyday experiences, creating success for life. AdaptAbilities staff are highly trained to support individuals with disabilities, and utilize ratios to match staff to individual supports. AdaptAbilities focuses on inclusion within a participant's own community, by leveraging existing community infrastructure like Community Leagues and residential homes. Through this model, AdaptAbilities partners with families and communities to build a vision of inclusion, one person at a time.

Core Values

Belonging - Compassion - Integrity - Teamwork - Capacity Building - Peace of Mind

What People Are Saying

"Four years ago my mother died and AdaptAbilities helped us immensely that day by taking our girls at the very last minute so our family could be at the hospital when my mom passed. I still get emotional about it. The fact that we didn't need to worry about the girls at that moment was huge."

— Jen, mother of two of our participants

"We live in a world that quickly judges anything different. To see how much you care for my children makes my heart sing. As parents of kids with special needs, it can hurt us to our very cores when they aren't accepted. You give them a place to be accepted, where they can just be and enjoy!"

— Jessica, mother of two of our participants

"Thank you for almost single handedly bringing our son back to us from a very dark place. I'm not sure he would be with us right now. I say in all honesty, you may very well have saved his life! What you did to help improve his self esteem is priceless, and we cannot ever thank you enough."

— Linda, mother of Aidan

"Since coming to AdaptAbilities, Andrew has fostered many relationships amongst his peers, and has developed the skills of being a good friend."

— Hannah, Program Coordinator, Read More

"At AdaptAbilities, I made my very first best friend."

— Amelia, participant

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