Alberta Waterportal Society

Registered Name: Alberta Waterportal Society

Business Number: 807121876RR0001

Our Mission

The Alberta WaterPortal Society’s mission is to provide an inclusive and credible online resource that supports and improves the public’s understanding of water.

About the Alberta WaterPortal Society

The Alberta WaterPortal Society’s research and community engagement advances the public’s understanding of local, regional, and global water issues and enhances informed decision making.

The Alberta WaterPortal Society was founded in 2006 by Order of Canada recipient, Dr. Kim Sturgess. Kim’s vision to develop the concept of water as a value-added resource, and her commitment to build a new model for water management in Alberta, led her to cross paths with many inspiring leaders and change makers. When fellow team member, Mike Urednicek, passed away from a tragic accident, Kim devoted her career to the vision they both shared and dedicated the Alberta WaterPortal to his work and memory.

Now, more than ever, water is at the forefront of efforts to ensure a sustainable and resilient future both in Alberta and beyond. Through the generosity of our donors, the Society has supported these efforts and has become a leader in research, innovation and information exchange. With continued financial support, we will continue to connect diverse interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately inform decision making that benefits all communities.

What People Are Saying

"The WaterPortal provides excellent information on all relevant topics - it's the birds-eye-view for what I like to consume on water-related topics and discussions. "

— WaterPortal user survey respondent

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