All Saints Church-Community Centre


Business Number: 736806894RR0001

All Saints’ mission is rooted in the church’s tradition of love in action (1 John 3.18). We run a drop-in, meal program and harm reduction program for some of Toronto’s most economically disenfranchised people: people who struggle with homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and other challenges.

We provide food, clothing, harm reduction kits, nursing care, case management, housing support, spiritual and pastoral care, and a sense of community.

We foster a non-judgemental atmosphere by respecting the people we serve, recognizing there are many reasons for why they live as they do, and acknowledging the discrimination and prejudice faced by so many.

We are a diverse community and aim to be inclusive, healthy, and safe.

What People Are Saying

"All Saints is a loving and caring place. We look out for each other. Staff here provide us with whatever we need, as in clothing, food, and most of all love and respect. I have to say it's the most family and home place I've ever been. One of the best.""

— Joanne, drop-in guest

"There has always been an openness and hearty welcome to the people of the community —the homeless, disadvantaged, marginalized, immigrants, sickly, aging, longing—where all are taken in non-judgementally and with respect. "

— Salah H., "The Professor," drop-in guest

"Christianity at its finest."

— John, drop-in guest

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