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All-Stars Community Outreach

Registered Name: All-Stars Community Outreach

Business No: 733122535RR0001

All- Stars Community Outreach Transforming communities into places where life can be enjoyed.

All-Stars Community Outreach


Our Mission Begins With You

Our mission is to improve residents’ lives in communities by bringing forth change and inspiring hope and safety. Our focus, our passion lies in improving the health, safety and welfare of the neighbourhoods we work within while creating a place where every person can play, work and grow together. Through providing resources and helpful and relevant information, we can build a secure, peaceful, diverse and inclusive community for all to enjoy.

Our Vision is Simple. Our Message is Clear.

Empowering Lives to Build Stronger Communities

Together we are working to improve the development of communities, to build a space where learning and knowledge are a priority, and to equip residents with the resources and information they need to have a positive influence in their neighbourhoods.


103 - 110 MORNELLE CRT


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