All Tribes Lighthouse Mission


Business Number: 118784099RR0001

Our primary thrust is reaching indigenous people with Hope.

What People Are Saying

"I don't want to go home!"

— Sunday School scholar, Blind River, Ontario

"I learn a lot when I come here."

— IM, Blind River, Ontario

"This [Bible study] is my happy place; I relax when I come here."

— JB, Blind River, Ontario

"I like how knowledgeable you are of details concerning the Bible."

— DM, Blind River, Ontario

"I never understood the Bible before I came here."

— PC, Blind River, Ontario

"This is the most fun Bible Camp I've ever been to."

— 10-year-old Girl at CYP

"I never knew that archery and God were so closely connected."

— Pre-teen at CYP inner-city outreach.

"Thank you for coming here to teach us about God and archery. It is interesting and fun. It also takes my mind off stuff"

— Teen at CYP

"If I had known what this program [CYP] is all about and how it connects with kids, I would have had you come to my church every year since you've been doing them. "

— A pastor

"How can I know when I've given all of my heart to Jesus?"

— Pre-teen, Moose Factory, Ontario

"I never knew there were two parts to the Bible. [Old and New Testaments]"

— BB, Blind River, Ontario

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