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Registered Name: ALLO PROF!

Business No: 888650868RR0001



Our Mission

Alloprof helps students in Quebec to transform academic challenges into successes, thanks to our free, professional and stimulating services.

Along with a team of teachers and talented individuals who are as passionate as they are professional, we develop and offer a number of online services and resources.

Our Vision

Research shows that students who use Alloprof gain confidence, autonomy, and motivation—three factors that play a major role in students’ academic perseverance and success!

Thanks to your donations, Alloprof is able to play a crucial role in the equation leading to academic success, especially among vulnerable populations. The numbers speak for themselves: we already help 550,000 students, 60 million times each year.

Help us reach our goal of helping 800,000 students, 100 million times, by 2024–2025!

Our Values

All of Alloprof’s actions are guided by fun, commitment, and innovation. Our success as a benchmark for academic support in Quebec is also based on a combination of the following factors: tutoring, educational resources, technology , free access, and teamwork.


905 de Lorimier Avenue

Montreal, QC, H2K 3V9

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