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Campaign Ended Sept. 22, 2019

In the last 90 years, the Alouette salmon have had no access to their traditional spawning grounds to the upper Alouette watershed due to the completion of the Alouette Dam in 1928.  ALLCO Fish Hatchery, located right next to the South Alouette River, has been raising and releasing salmon fry since 1979 to increase their numbers throughout the Alouette river system.  The Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) partners with the ALLCO fish hatchery to raises awareness about the life cycle of this iconic fish and the pressures facing them, through tours and environmental educational programs. 

ARMS is dedicated to proactively protecting and improving the Alouette Watershed and surrounding areas by creating a healthy environment connecting parks, trail systems, public centers and waterways.Volunteer supported, ARMS is involved in watershed inventory and monitoring, habitat restoration, public awareness and adopt-a-stream, liaising with all levels of government and private land owners, and working towards the protection of aquatic habitat. ARMS offers environmental education programs including field trips, classroom and habitat programs, as well as spring and summer day camps.

ARMS is currently advocating for fish passage over the Alouette Dam, reconnecting the river and lake since 1928.

This "Adopt-a-Salmon" campaign goal is to raise funds to support ARMS in its mission to advocate for fish passage over the Alouette Dam so that all salmon species can return to their traditional spawning grounds. The funds will support advocating for fish passage over the Alouette Dam and will be directed towards local salmon enhancement and recovery initiatives. 

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