Alpha Canada


Business Number: 872606157RR0001

At Alpha Canada, our vision is the evangelization of Canada resulting in the transformation of the nation.

Alpha Canada exists to inspire, equip, and serve the Canadian Church in its mission to help people discover a relationship with Jesus Christ using Alpha. We are passionate that every person, regardless of their background, should have an opportunity to explore faith in a safe, non-judgmental environment, and find hope in discovering Jesus. In North America, symptoms stemming from a secularized society include loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression. Millions of people are holding onto significant unanswered questions about their purpose with no safe place to ask them. Alpha is well positioned to resonate with this demographic as it actively helps create spaces for people to connect with others and explore their questions about the meaning of life, faith and God.

Alpha prioritizes giving the best to the Church, both by creating the highest quality resources and making all of our resources available for free. We can only do so by inviting and inspiring generosity among individual philanthropists, foundations and organizations who share our vision, mission and values. Through the generosity of donors, we provide all of our resources, training and support at no cost to churches and give individuals the opportunity to share their faith with great ease and accessibility. 


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