ALS Double Play

Registered Name: ALS Double Play

Business Number: 837585793RR0001

Our Vision

To make ALS history

Our Mission

To be a connection for people living with ALS. Through their stories, we raise awareness, connecting communities to support the search for a cure.

To raise funds to donate to Canadian charities that are researching better treatment methods and looking for a cure for ALS.

What People Are Saying

"People are dying everyday with ALS and every dollar that is given for research will make the nightmare end. There is momentum in the research community, and giving now will give hope, hastening the path to a cure."

— Dr. Janice Robertson

"I donated to ?ALS Double Play because since my son Christopher was diagnosed in 2011, his day to day life has been a struggle for the whole family. I believe it is important to find a cure for this devastating disease now."

— A. Chiu

"I donated to because I miss my Kuya (cousin Christopher) picking me up at the airport, taking me to the movies, going second hand shopping with me, tell me how beautiful I am, accidentally (or not accidentally) slamming my face into my bedroom wall and driving me around in his golf. "

— A. de las Alas

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