ALSO (Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks)


Business Number: 106704570RR0001

Our Mission

ALSO is a safe and caring community learning centre serving adults and families. ALSO builds on individual and family strengths and supports the development of the skills needed for family life, work, training and education.

ALSO reaches out to over 200 low income families living in the downtown core through our Reading and Parents Program (RAPP). Our aim is to help parents develop their skills so that they are better able to help their children, giving them a better start in life.

About ALSO (Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks)

ALSO has over 25 years of experience delivering literacy support to adults and families in Ottawa. ALSO is a community-based program in the downtown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We are often people's first step towards re-engaging with community, employment and training. We offer one-on-one teaching building on each individual's strengths, supporting them to develop the skills needed for the next step in their journey towards a better life for themselves, and often for their families.

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