Alternative Residences


Business Number: 118784552RR0001

Alternative Residences Alternatives Inc. was founded in July 1984. The very existence of our registered non-profit organization is the result of innumerable hours of volunteer work by a dedicated group of Mental Health professionals and concerned citizens from the community who voiced the need for an alternative to the residential or institutional options available to the mentally ill.

Today Alternative Residences Alternatives acts as the largest charitable organization in Greater Moncton that provides shelter, support services and amenities for these individuals. We have four community residences with 24 hour support staff, five subsidized housing complexes and three subsidized community apartment buildings with minimal staff support. 

Each individual receives coaching in areas such as meal planning/preparation, money management, daily living skills (proper dressing, personal hygiene, laundry, etc.), social skills, leisure activities, awareness and proper usage of community resources (public transportation, libraries, educational facilities, etc. 

We partner with the two Regional Health Authorities (Horizon and Vitalité), Social Development, as well as other community agencies such as Canadian Mental Health Association. We have 12 members on our board of directors that are actively involved such as a property maintenance expert, lawyer, marketing specialist, human resources manager and much more.  

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