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A Gift of Teacher training

Registered Name: Altitude Project Community Support Foundation

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A Gift of Teacher training

$25 will cover our portion of a program to train one teacher. Most project teachers are not professionally trained. They are people from the villages who completed high school, at minimum, in Kathmandu and have returned to help their villages as teachers. Trained teachers will dramatically improve the educational outcome of the students. Many students find themselves well behind their peers in Kathmandu and dream of returning home as qualified and inspiring teachers. The terrific news is, several have!

"Teachers are the single most important factor affecting how much students learn. More than just conduits of information, they equip children with the tools to analyze, problem solve, and effectively use information. Research shows that the quality of teachers is a major determinant of children’s learning and well-being. Going from a poor-performing teacher to a great teacher can increase student learning by multiple years of schooling."– Ezequiel Molina, Senior Economist, World Bank