Altitude Project

Registered Name: Altitude Project Community Support Foundation

Business Number: 700635493RR0001

A Gift of Light | $25.

Purchase a portable solar lights for a family, on the remote Upper Dolpo in Nepal, whose only source of light is fire from yak dung or kerosene lanterns. The resulting indoor pollution causes pulmonary and eye disease. These lights have proven to be extremely useful and durable; as a general light in the home, to travel to the toilet at night; to help students read and study in the evenings, and to visit neighbours. And, they seem to keep snow leopards away from their animals at night in their high mountain summer camps.

In 2017, when we trekked to Nepal's Upper Dolpo to visit the schools we support, we took 15 portable solar lights. LuminAID's discounted price for each light is ~ $20 US. We wanted to test their durability and usefulness so only took a few for elders with very poor vision.

Within an hour, many other villagers were asking for “light?”

In 2018 we raised enough money for 125 lights. For 2019, we have a request for 100 more lights, complete with names and village location.

LuminAID ships the lights to Kathmandu and they are transported to the Upper Dolpo for the start of the school year, much of the distance by mule or yak.

Every dollar raised will be sent to Nepal. Please help make a difference!

And, please, learn more about what we do on our website.

Tashi delek (Tibetan), Namaste (Nepali) and a sincere Thank you