Business Number: 106705361RR0001

About This Charity


A community where individuals with dementia and their care partners are fully supported to maximize their quality of life and well-being.


To advocate for people with dementia and their care partners, and provide access to a diverse range of appropriate resources and supports.

Values: CARE

Collaboration:We continually seek new opportunities for collaboration with all stakeholders to enhance the range of coordinated services available to meet the needs of this unique population and educate the general public.

Accountability:We believe in openness and transparency.  We are accountable for our actions and decisions to those we serve and to those who fund and support our organization.

Respect:We value commitment, integrity and consistency.  Dealing fairly, acting ethically and showing respect are cornerstones of our future growth and success.

Excellence:We are committed to innovation and sustainability. We are leaders in the development and delivery of services that use a holistic, client-centred approach that is inclusive of all care partners involved and take into account all aspects of well-being for those being served.

About Our Charity

Each year, our professional counsellors provide over 10,000 hours of direct counselling during home visits for our more than 1000 clients and their caregivers and families across the Niagara region. We offer assessments, individual & family counselling ,coping strategies, behavioural interventions, and information regarding appropriate resources. Referrals can be made by family members, health care professionals, anyone concerned about a member of the community.

The Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region continues to grow to meet the increasing need for service. This growth would be impossible without the generous donations from individuals, corporations, members, and fundraising events along with partial Ministry funding. In order to maintain this high standard of service, we look to you for your generous support.