Amarok Society

Registered Name: Amarok Society

Business Number: 876304676RR0001

Our Mission

To advance human rights, peace and understanding through education.

About Amarok Society

Amarok Society is a Canadian charity that goes into the world's most forbidding slums to teach mothers to teach children too poor for school. Daily, each mother goes from her Amarok Society Womens' School to teach at least 5 children from her neighbourhood in her own home. Amarok Society teaches literacy in Bangla, English and numeracy as well as health and hygiene and child care and development. The wonderful women of our Mothers of Intention Projects overcome a lifetime of bitter discouragement to find inspiration and hope in the promise that the children will be able to work their way out of their terrible poverty and debilitating ignorance. This is a new, effective, sustainable and cost-efficient method of addressing a very serious and dangerous problem that has resisted improvement in the past. Teach a Mother, Change the World

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