Amazon Rainforest Conservancy - ARC

Registered Name: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

Business Number: 833497084RR0001


As ARC’s lands are in a remote corner of the Amazon basin, we hoped they’d be safe from the chainsaws of illegal loggers, the machinery of miners, and the guns of poachers.

Sadly, we were wrong.

We've learned that to protect the endangered wildlife and tree species that live on our land, we must have a constant presence there. So, in 2109, we launched our Forest Ranger program. To date we’ve managed to hire two local people who live on ARC’s land with their families. These rangers maintain an extensive trail network and patrol the lands to discourage invaders.

We need to raise more funds to hire more forest rangers like this, to protect our land holdings as they expand.

Your donation not only protects more of the Amazon rainforest; it changes the lives of local rainforest families. The lack of legitimate jobs is what drives some rainforest dwellers to turn to illegal activities to feed their families. Just $20,000 CDN per year pays the salary of a forest ranger to keep illegal loggers, miners and poachers out of ARC’s lands.

Remember, ARC is a low-overhead philanthropy staffed by volunteers in Canada, so all donations go directly to protecting the Amazon rainforest.

It's not just about protecting trees and wildlife — it’s about saving ourselves.