Amazon Rainforest Conservancy - ARC

Registered Name: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

Business Number: 833497084RR0001


Amazon Rainforest Conservancy currently cares for just over 1,400 hectares (about 3,500 aces) of pristine rainforest in the remote area of Tambopata Peru. We are now raising funds to expand this land-holding. We’ve spoken with three direct neighbours who are willing to sell their land to ARC. (See map below of our proposed expansion.) 

With your donation, not only will you be helping us acquire more land that would otherwise be deforested due to illegal gold mining, logging, and slash and burn farming, you will be helping us create a larger safe haven for some of the Amazon’s most vulnerable wildlife. 

In the past ten years, Peru has lost more than 1 million hectares of tropical rainforest. Make one of the most meaningful investments you can make for future generations - purchase an acre of rainforest for $100. 

Will you join us in saving a pristine and biodiverse habitat that is in jeopardy?

How Big is an Acre?

An acre is 0.4 hectares or 4000 square metres, which is an area about the size of 200 parked cars.