Registered Name: Amberheart Cancer Foundation

Business Number: 895792729RR0001

Our Mission

The ultimate goals of the organization are the development of unified standards, based on up to date knowledge, for educational programs, and the creation of practically verified models for prevention programs. Amberheart encourages the public at large to adopt a conscious approach to screening procedures and fighting for each and every life before it is needlessly lost to breast cancer. To accomplish these goals we listen to the fears, requests and ambitions of women at large and those affected by the disease, as well as to medical professionals, adjusting our programs accordingly. Amberheart is currently working on a comprehensive program aimed at younger women.

Our goal is to serve as an all-encompassing source of breast cancer information for younger women. This includes information for all stages of breast cancer — from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment.

We would like to create a series of informational kits for younger women, one dealing with risk factors and prevention, another about how to cope after diagnosis and about treatment options available as well as a follow up kit for survivors.


AMBERHEART Breast Cancer Foundation - a registered charity focused on creating breast health education and cancer prevention programs related to early detection and increasing awareness of breast cancer. Amberheart centers its attention on endorsing healthy ways of living, pro-health habits and identifying women who, because of risk factors, have a high probability to develop breast cancer. Its activities are mainly addressed to young women and those who do not participate in the government supported breast cancer prevention program.

The activities of the organization are addressed to:

- women, who for any reasons do not participate in the mammography screening program and

- younger women who are not covered by it

- breast cancer survivors

- adolescent women

Besides the educational materials such as brochures, videos and flash presentations, we offer courses in breast cancer prevention and detection methods for women and health care specialists

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