AMI-QUEBEC Action on Mental Illness


Business Number: 896524071RR0001

Our Mission

AMI-Québec is a grassroots not-for-profit organization that is committed to helping carers* manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance and advocacy. By promoting understanding, we work to dispel the stigma still surrounding mental illness, thereby helping to create communities that offer new hope for meaningful lives.

* Carers (proches aidants) are those in the circle of care, including family members and other significant people, who provide unpaid support to a person in need.

As you may have experienced, mental illness affects not only individuals, but their families, friends, and everyone around them.

About AMI-QUEBEC Action on Mental Illness

AMI-Québec has many programs that are designed to help families better cope with the hardships and burdens caused by mental illness. All our programs are for families and friends and some are for people living with mental health issues. All our programs are free! They include: 

  • Support Groups: Weekly sessions where confidential discussion and sharing are encouraged in a small group setting.
  • Workshops: Including Coping Skills, Communication, Boundaries & Setting Limits and more 
  • SOS Counseling: A short term, one on one service that addresses situations or problems that caregivers may encounter when caring for someone with a mental illness. 
  • Online Learning: On mental health and related topics, through Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud. 
  • Share & Care Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter including information on various services, coping strategies, etc.
  • Library: A wealth of information on mental illness and related issues, including over 700 books and DVDs.
  • Public Awareness: Presentations are offered to schools, workplaces, and community organizations giving an overview of mental illnesses, warning signs and coping strategies, and a volunteer speaker shares their experience with mental illness.
  • Hospital Support: A family peer support worker with caregiving experience meets one on one with families in the emergency room. 

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