Registered Name: Coalition des amputés du Canada/Amputee Coalition of Canada

Business Number: 833263023RR0001

Our Mission

To provide educational tools and programs designed to support the needs of persons affected by limb loss as well as improve their quality of life through learning, self-management and active participation within the community.


The Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC) was established in 2008 as a nonprofit organization. Its goal is to improve and advance the quality of life of persons with limb loss. The Amputee Coalition of Canada was created to improve quality of life of persons with limb loss in their communities by providing education and opportunities to gain skills, lessons and coping techniques that increase confidence, connectedness, and sense of belonging. Through the ACC, persons with limb loss are educated on how to best engage in social and physical activities following amputation and how to incorporate these activities into their lives. The ACC relies on structured and validated programs, with the involvement of persons with amputation, to encourage a culture of support, networking, and active participation in life following limb loss.

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