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About This Charity

Our Mission

Together with our ecumenical and interfaith partners, the Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada shares faithfully the role of the Canadian Forces Chaplain Branch, which is to support and enhance the effectiveness of our Canadian Forces through the provision of comprehensive religious and spiritual support, advice, and care for all Canadian Forces personnel and their families, wherever they live and serve, empowering them spiritually and morally to meet the demands of military service.

About Our Charity

The Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada is a non-territorial jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of Canada given to the pastoral care and oversight of the Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Forces. The Ordinariate is comprised of the Anglican Bishop Ordinary; the Anglican clergy enrolled in, and serving as chaplains to, the Canadian Forces; all Anglican laity enrolled and serving as Canadian Forces military personnel; and members of their families. Financial contributions to the Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada, support the ministry of oversight and care provided by the Bishop Ordinary, which is critical to the wellbeing and effectiveness of Anglican military Chaplains, and vital to the Anglican Church’s roles in shaping, and in sharing in, the ministry and spiritual care provided to the members of the Canadian Forces and their families.