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Registered Name: Le Refuge Chatopia

Business No: 836573204RR0001

Chatopia Rescue (formerly AAM) is a charitable animal welfare organization dedicated to aiding purebred cats in need.



Our Mission

Our all volunteer organization is dedicated to the care and compassion of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in need. Our commitment to animals and their welfare is the drive behind our work. 

About CHATOPIA Rescue

Rescuing thousands of animals since 2005, Chatopia( also known as Animal Adoption Montréal)is a registered charitable pet rescue located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our amazing and magical adoption centre was dedicated to abandoned purebred cats which we sadly lost in December 2018 and still looking for a new location. Now based out of foster homes, Chatopia has assisted thousands of cats and dogs from Quebec that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and otherwise mistreated. We are specialists in purebred cats and rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating these loving animals physically and behaviourally, giving them a second chance and a forever home. EVERY CAT in our care deserves a family and we get them there as quickly as possible. We also work with like-minded rescues, SPCA’s, Animal Controls's and Humane societies to assist in special large scale seizure cases or breeder released. Combined efforts from our volunteers and animal experts has given us the ability to not only save companion animals lives but to educate, encourage and promote animals in need. 


968 Allée des Rondins

Lac Tremblant Nord, QC, J8E 0H7

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