Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta


Business Number: 899805956RR0001

Our Mission

The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta is an animal rescue organization helping stray and unwanted dogs and cats in Alberta.

Founded in 1995, ARF is a volunteer-based organization and registered non-profit charity. Our mission is to rescue stray and unwanted dogs and cats from rural areas and communities with limited resources and place them in loving, permanent homes while providing programs to reduce pet over-population.

Instead of a centralized shelter, after a quarantine period all of our animals live in dedicated foster homes while awaiting adoption. This allows our animals to receive optimal socialization, rehabilitation, training and unconditional love from their foster parents. It also allows us to understand the needs of each animal to ensure they are placed in the best possible forever home.

About Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta

ARF's vision is to promote and encourage responsible pet ownership and to ensure the humane, compassionate and respectful treatment of all dogs and cats.

ARF is a registered, non-profit charity, run by volunteers. ARF rescues dogs and cats from rural areas and communities with limited services throughout Alberta. These animals are then placed in foster homes where they are vaccinated, dewormed and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. ARF also provides spay/neuter and educational programs in Alberta communities as part of our efforts to reduce the population of unwanted animals.

What People Are Saying

"I chose ARF as my charity because animals can't speak for themselves, and someone has to speak for them."

— 4th grade child who organized a classroom fundraiser for ARF

"I volunteer with ARF because we save lives. I get to spend a few hours a week with puppies, and I am able to educate people about the serious animal overpopulation problem that many people are not aware of... Did I mention that we save lives?"

— ARF Volunteer

"Working in animal rescue has changed my life! ARF has shown me how to be a compassionate person on a whole new level. And the feeling of educating the public and making a difference in the world is priceless."

— ARF Volunteer

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