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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: That all animals be well cared for and treated with respect, and that an enlightened ethic of animal care be fostered.

Our Mission: Successfully manage and allocate donated funds to innovative educational, research and public outreach initiatives that will achieve measurable positive change in the lives of animals in Canada.


Founded in 1965, the objective of the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) was to promote and sustain an interest in the study of and improvement in animal welfare across Canada. Today, the AWFC continues its legacy of supporting animal welfare advancements through our grant-making activities.

The AWFC encourages people to place a priority on the physical, psychological, and behavioural needs of all animals. In other words, the AWFC seeks to change the way that Canadians think about using and caring for animals. We must consider first what animals need for a life worth living.

The AWFC is run by an all-volunteer board of veterinary science professionals, animal welfare academics, animal advocates and experts in public policy and grant-making. Every year, our expert panel reviews numerous animal welfare programs and initiatives in order to best guide the endowment of one-time, recurring and legacy gift donations to the most worthy animal welfare projects. The AWFC gives donors peace of mind that we will maximize the impact of their contributions by supporting initiatives that will have a major impact on improving animal welfare across Canada, in the short and long term, both regionally and nationally.

The AWFC supports Canadian animal welfare charities performing some of the most urgently needed work in animal protection, animal welfare research, and the advancement of laws and policies directed toward the regard and care for animals as sentient beings. We also fund animal welfare club activities at Canadian universities and support public lectures on animal welfare.

All donations to the AWFC are managed in a sustainable manner. Capital is maintained and only the income funds generated by investments are allocated to projects each year. This ensures perpetuity of resources designated for the advancement of animal welfare well into the future. 

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