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Anna and the sea

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Tout ce qui se dit chez Anna, reste chez Anna

Anna and the sea


Children of parents with a mental illness have much higher rates of emotional and behavioral problems than the general population.  Between 25% and 50% of these children are likely to experience some psychological disorder.  
When mental illness strikes a close family member, it is easy to see how a child's world can crumble.  Unable to take care of their own needs, the child is often the most severely touched by these situations, and more often than not, the first forgotten.  Referred to as 'the invisible children', they suffer in silence, and deal with various emotions such as sadness, shame, confusion, fear and uncertainty.  
The need for of intervention, especially for younger children, is urgent as they are at their most vulnerable to developing maladaptive patterns that are known to be related to depression and poor school development.


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