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Anne Marie D'Amico Foundation

Registered Name: Anne Marie D'Amico Foundation

Business No: 718921919RR0001

A charitable organization that is working to support humanitarian causes that embody Anne Marie’s spirit to effect positive change.

Anne Marie D'Amico Foundation


About Us

The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation (AMDF) is a charitable organization working to support humanitarian causes that embody Anne Marie’s spirit to effect positive change. Spreading kindness, bringing awareness to the growing issue of domestic violence, and creating a world where women and children can live free of violence are our top priorities.

History of The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation

The Toronto Van Attack took place on April 23, 2018. As a result of this hate-motivated crime, 11 people were tragically killed, 15 were seriously injured, and countless others were indirectly impacted that day. It is considered the deadliest vehicular mass murder in Canadian history. One of the victims whose life was violently taken was Anne Marie D’Amico. Inevitably, this horrific event left a permanent scar on the hearts of the D’Amico family forever.

The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation (AMDF) was launched by the D’Amico family, in December 2018, as a way to honour their daughter and sister, and to carry Anne Marie’s legacy with them each day. Inspired by her character and in remembrance of her spirit, the Foundation will effect positive change by drawing on Anne Marie’s passion and practice for selfless acts of kindness, her altruistic behaviour, and her ability to give back with her whole heart.

Why We Need You

The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation (AMDF) is currently working to raise $1M for the North York Women’s Shelter (NYWS). Since September of 1984, the NYWS has been in operation 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and is able to accommodate 40 women and children at any given time. It has been a place of healing, empowerment, and a place of refuge for over 11,000 women and children who have escaped violent homes. Read more.

Celebrate Anne Marie's Birthday With Us!

Every December 3rd, on Anne Marie's birthday, the AMDF hosts their annual fundraising event, The Turtle Project! Visit to learn more and to get your tickets for this year's event!




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