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Help Thor from St Clair and Bathurst

Campaign Ended June 10, 2018

UPDATE: (May 29): Thor has healed nicely from the surgery on his eyes. Today he had 4 canines removed (all were broken in half) and 12 incisors removed. He still has all his back teeth (all 14 of them). He has also gained weight, which is excellent news)

UPDATE (May 8th): Thor had his eye surgery last week and after a few days of observation at the vet, he moved to an ACR foster home on Saturday. He is being very calm about everything. In a few weeks, he'll be returning to the clinic for his dental work. Thank you to all of you who have taken an interest in Thor and have donated to his vetting.


Earlier this month, Annex Cat Rescue was contacted about a community cat in dire need of medical assistance. Thor had been living on the street for more than a year, being fed by kind neighbours. 

Thor was trapped by the neighbours after more than a week of attempts and taken to one of our vet partners. He's in quite rough shape but with vet attention, we believe he will eventually have a happy and good life indoors.

Thor's list of medical issues is extensive and costly and we are hoping you can help ACR cover some of his vet expenses:

- when he first arrived at the vet, his heart rate was irregular and pulse low so he had a cardiogram done. Thankfully, his heart is okay.

- he was viral-tested and the results back are also good: no FIV or Feline leukemia

- on Wednesday May 2, Thor will be returning to the vet to have both his eyes removed - disease and infection from likely feline herpes have rendered them useless. He will also be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped at that time.

- Thor also needs major dental work, which is not a surprise to us as this is ACR's number one vetting expense, but we don't want to put poor Thor through that just yet so that will be scheduled when he has recovered from his eye surgery.

Thor will be placed in ACR foster care and become an ACR cat. Obviously he cannot return to live on the street, even with many neighbours supporting him. So far, he has not shown any aggression or fear at being handled. ACR cats stay with us until they are healthy and we find a perfect match in an adopter for them. 

If you do donate via this page, please add Thor's name in the 'Include a message' section of the form so we know your donation is to count toward his care. And thank you for caring about Thor!

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