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Kitten born without a bum needs your help NOW!


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Kitten born without a bum needs your help NOW!

Do your duty to help this cutie without a booty!

June 17 Update: Exciting news! Dora has been sprung from the emergency vet hospital - from her foster Jacqueline: "Dora had a few more poops overnight and so was discharged with flying colours by CTVRC, and she spent the day at her regular vet clinic (Roncy Village Vet) bouncing around like a jumping bean and happily distracting the staff by climbing onto their shoulders. She is celebrating her freedom and thrilled to go home (she finally got tuckered out and fell asleep on my lap). She goes back to see her vet at CTVRC on Monday for another recheck."

June 16 Update:  Dora had her first poop overnight! She is now demanding attention and love from her medical caregivers. At this point, she needs to stay at least another 24 hours for monitoring, but we are hopeful that she can go to her foster home tomorrow! We are so grateful to our heroes at the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral and Emergency Clinic (CTVRC) caring for Dora around the clock, and our amazing community who have supported her!

June 15 Update: After trying a less-invasive procedure to "get things moving" yesterday, Dora's vets had to put her back under general anesthesia earlier today for her surgeon to very carefully remove more of the blockage.  She's now awake from her procedure, and we are waiting on the results!

June 13 Update: Dora’s initial surgery on Friday was a success, but she isn’t recovering as fast as hoped. The poor little girl is having trouble passing her impacted fecal matter, so instead of coming home on Saturday, she has remained at CTVRC, where she will receive 24-hour care for as long as necessary. Thank you for your continued support!!

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Dora is an 8-week-old adventurous and curious kitty known for her love of cuddles and gentle kisses. 

On June 9th, Dora was brought to the vet because she was showing signs of severe constipation. Unfortunately, Dora was diagnosed with an extremely rare birth defect: an Imperforate Anus, in other words, she was born without a butthole.

Dora has miraculously survived to 8 weeks without ever being able to pass a bowel movement (although she gets in the litterbox and tries), and she has a painful and life-threatening amount of fecal matter built up in her colon.

In addition to being born without an anal clearing, Dora also has a tear between her colon and her vagina. Dora needs immediate life-saving surgery to construct an anus, reroute her insides and repair the tear. 

The surgery alone will cost about $6,500, and Dora will need extensive aftercare, follow-ups, and continuing treatment, given the very high risk of complications (such as infections) and permanent damage.

Dora’s short and long-term care costs are highly uncertain, and at a minimum are expected to exceed $10,000. If we raise more generous donations than her care ends up costing, every dollar will go towards rescuing and providing vet care to other street cats in need.

Annex Cat Rescue is a volunteer-run rescue and we rely entirely on donations. We want to provide Dora the best care possible, but we need your help! 

Will you help Dora keep exploring?