Arcane Horizon Inc.

Registered Name: ARCANE HORIZON INC.

Business Number: 896114162RR0001


Arcane Horizon provides community living supports that focus on quality of life, respect and dignity for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Vision Statement:

Adults with intellectual disabilities are included, accepted and valued in our communities.

Our Philosophy:

Arcane Horizon has adopted the “Gentle Teaching” approach to providing consistent, individualized and quality support to the individuals we serve. The Four Principles of Gentle Teaching are:

  1. Teaching the person to feel safe with us.
  2. Teaching the person to feel engaged with us
  3. Teaching the person to feel unconditionally valued by us.
  4. Teaching the person to be loving/giving with others

At Arcane Horizon we value not only the gentle teaching philosophy, but also unconditional acceptance of all individuals through inclusive communities of support that provide safety, personal growth and engagement.     

Every human being wants to have relationships in which they feel safe, loved, loving, and connected to others.

Everybody longs for such a relationship, many people with intellectual disabilities do not feel safe, loved, loving, and connected with other and not even with their caregivers. For these individuals it’s important that we focus on teaching then the feeling of companionship. This is the essence of gentle teaching  

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