Business Number: 860740745RR0001

The "Armenian orphans Fund" is a registered charitable organization in Canada founded in 2005 under the number 860740745RR0001 ( and therefore has the right to issue official receipts to donors  a tax deduction purposes.

During its existence the Armenian orphans Fund has directed several cultural, social, and educational programs, the purpose of which was to help orphaned children in Armenia.

You can help us with our cause, because every child matters for us. By donating you impact children to avoid jail and street life, because according to UNICEF report 60% of orphan girls and 70% of orphan boys without proper education of cultural and social issues become prostitutes and criminals.

Warren Buffet once said about philanthropy: "Don’t just go for safe projects, Take on the really tough problems." We couldn't agree more. That is one of the reasons we want to create better society through educating and helping kids in the early stage of their life endeavours.

Our Fund is teaming up with partners around the world to take some tough challenges to help Armenian orphan children. The main challenges we are concentrated on are:

  • Education
  • Social
  • Health

We implemented the programs related to the issues mentioned above and helped 470 kids from Yerevan and other region of Armenia, especially from Lori and Shirak regions.

For each program we found funding and tried to be very efficient regarding expenses through innovative ideas and collaboration with our partners.

We have recently implemented a program for specialized IT (information technology) education, it's about provides the opportunity for young, gifted Armenian orphans to attend a 6 month “hands on” training internship program in Web design and programing.

We are very optimistic for our cause.

If you want to collaborate with us and if you want to know more about the fund go to:


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