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Art Starts Creates Vibrant Toronto Neighbourhoods through Community-Building Arts Initiatives.

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Art Starts inspires long-term social change in Toronto's under-served neighbourhoods. We use the arts to engage residents, nurture resiliency, cultivate life skills and inspire personal growth.


Art Starts works in five under-served Toronto neighbourhoods. We bring together professional artists – dancers, musicians, visual artists, actors, and playwrights – with residents of all ages. Together we create accessible and dynamic art projects that reflect the identities and aspirations of each community.

What People Are Saying

"Well I love Art Starts a lot and working with them really changed me. It made a big impact on the community. And it changed a lot of people for the better. You showed everyone the quality and the unity. I learned from so many people. And even though is about art, you were learning life lessons too."

— Jade, 18

"Art Starts is a small but mighty arts organization in Toronto's cultural landscape. It is mighty because of the way it lead the arts and cultural community to understand and appreciate the role that the arts played in building strong, safe and creative communities."

— Councillor Mihevc

"I came into the program shortly after my mom passed away. It's what helped me cope during that time. In the wake of something like that this was a really positive experience. It's not like just an art program, it's like a family. There's a lot of connection. "

— Keisha

"It’s a big mark that we're leaving in the community, and lots of people are beeping as they drive by and showing us that they think we're doing a good job. It makes me feel happy because I’m part of the great team that’s making it happen""

— Salim

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