Art With Impact Canada

Registered Name: Art With Impact Canada

Business Number: 803846724RR0001

Art With Impact Canada (AWIC) is committed to a future where artists are revered as cultural icons of courage and change, enabling young people to communicate freely and fearlessly about their mental health. We leverage art and film to combat the loneliness, isolation, shame and fear experienced by people living with mental illness and provide concrete opportunities for youth to connect with the services they need to take care of their well-being. 100% of your donation goes towards creating spaces for meaningful dialogue and connecting young people to mental health resources.

Our primary program streams are:

OLIVE Film Collection - Each month AWIC awards upcoming social justice filmmakers with $1,000 cash prizes for short films submitted on the topic of mental health. Films are added to our diverse, online library and featured at campuses throughout North America!

Movies for Mental Health - Leverages the power of our short film library to engage university and college students on the topic of mental health, hosting workshops that discuss themes that arise in our films and connect youth to resources through on-site panels. #Movies4MentalHealth

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What People Are Saying

"We need to take every opportunity to make space for mental health and illness destigmatization conversations and your group's support of the Movies 4 Mental Health event is a prime example of our community getting behind these sensitive conversations"

— Kevin Friese, Director of Health + Wellness at University of Alberta, Read More

"We aren't alone. By talking about our mental health we can change the conversation from negative to positive."

— Student attendee, University of Alberta, Read More

"They engage students in real conversations about mental health and mental illness after viewing short films (all of which I thought were really well done) and I was really impressed with how Natalie led and guided the discussion."

— Heather, Partners for Mental Health Volunteer and CMHA Middlesex Board, Read More

"Enlightening to those who aren't struggling, supportive to those who are."

— Student Attendee, Lakehead University, Read More

"I can't put into words what the event meant to me… It was so incredibly moving and touching. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive to work with."

— Bianca, Associate Vice President Peer Support, Western University , Read More

"Extremely heart-warming and informative."

— Student Attendee, Bishops University, Read More

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