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ArtHeart Community Art Centre


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A Regent Park community arts organization that provides free visual arts education, programs and materials to children, youth and adults.

ArtHeart Community Art Centre


Support ArtHeart, Where Creativity and Community Come Together

At ArtHeart, we've been nurturing the creative spirit of children, youth, adults, and seniors in Regent Park since 1991. Our journey, marked by dedication and a deep sense of community, has left a lasting impact.

Our Journey:

Originally founded as "A Home for Creative Opportunity," ArtHeart emerged from a vision to create an oasis for learning and creativity in an under-resourced and under-serviced neighbourhood. Over the years, we've grown into a not-for-profit charitable organization, relocating and expanding our services to accommodate the changing needs of the community.

Our Impact:

An external evaluation by Sphaera Research and Consulting in 2018 found that ArtHeart contributes over $2.3 million annually in value to the Regent Park community. This impact isn't just a statistic; it's the lives we've touched and transformed.

Over 30 years: ArtHeart has been a constant in Regent Park for over three decades, providing creative opportunities to generations of residents.

Community Hub: We've become an anchor in a changing community, fostering a sense of creativity, belonging, and togetherness.

Diverse Programs: Our year-round programs and projects, spanning children, youth, adults, and seniors, have empowered individuals to explore their creativity and develop essential skills.

The Challenge:

Recent times have brought unforeseen challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of mental health and wellness, food support, and opportunities for social connection in our community. ArtHeart has stepped up to address these pressing needs, launching "ArtHeart moves forward! Reuniting our community through art and wellness."

Our Programs:

ArtHeart offers a diverse range of year-round programs and projects. These programs have been pivotal in creating positive change in the community.

Children, Youth, and Family Arts Program: Fostering creativity in the younger generation, enabling them to express themselves through art.

"No Starving Artists" Meals and Snacks Program: Ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry, especially during challenging times.

Adults Arts Program: Providing a space for adults to engage in artistic pursuits, build their self-esteem and find community support.

Seniors Arts Program: Supporting seniors in our community by offering creative outlets and social interaction.

Your Support Matters:

Your donation to ArtHeart is not just a financial contribution; it's a lifeline for those in need. Every dollar you contribute will help us continue making a positive impact in Regent Park.

Mental Health and Wellness: Your support ensures that we can offer vital mental health supports to those who need them.

Food Support: Your generosity helps us maintain our "No Starving Artists" program, making sure no one goes hungry. We offer meals, snacks, refreshments and meal kits.

Community Connection: Your contribution fosters opportunities for social connection and community engagement.

How You Can Help:

To make a difference today, please consider making a donation to ArtHeart. Your support means the world to us and those we serve. 

Every contribution counts, and your support has a tangible and lasting impact in our community. Thank you for believing in the power of art and community. Together, we can continue to make a positive change in Regent Park.

If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to us. See our contact information. 

Thank you for your support!


585 Dundas Street East

Studio 210


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