Registered Name: ARTICULE

Business Number: 124589235RR0001

Our Mission

articule is an open-access artist-run centre dedicated to the presentation of a broad range of contemporary practices. Through our various programming channels, we strive for artistic excellence, interdisciplinarity and social engagement. While special consideration is given to emerging artists, we also respect those who have already established important precedents, who continue to test the limits of aesthetic gesture, and who commit themselves to the ideals of experimentation and risk-taking. articule supports discursive and alternative activities that promote dialogue and build networks with local, national and international artists, collectives and organizations. Our open structure encourages the direct participation of an active and diverse membership on both programming and organisational levels.

Artistic Vision

articule’s programming aims to provoke dialogue, to foster critical thinking and to promote a diversity of practices and experiences in the artistic and social realms. We are open to all disciplines, and present exhibitions, action-, and research-based works. articule curates events, such as screenings, and forums, to explore specific themes or artistic practices. Our flexible short-term programming, known as Special Projects, answers to the time-sensitive needs and initiatives of artists as they arise. This programming channel pays particular attention to “undisciplined” practices and projects that manifest themselves in site-specific contexts or alternative locations. articule provides critical writings as well as a program of discussions, conferences and workshops to encourage exchanges between artists and the public. Recognizing the importance of community and knowledge-sharing, we initiate and participate in numerous collaborative projects with other artist-run centres and community organizations. Through our engaging programming, we offer a fertile space for creativity — both to our organization and a diverse public.

About articule

Founded in 1979, articule was incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in 1980. From site-specific choreography and performance (Dena Davida, 1979, Mona Hatoum, 1983) through Fluxus theater (Geoffrey Hendricks and John Giorno, 1996-97), to itinerant interventions (Bookmobile, 2001) and open-source initiatives (Geostationnary Banana Over Texas, 2005), as well as major off-site projects such as Hôpital (2001), Used Goods (2004) and the bi-annual performance event VIVA! Art action, articule continues to provide support for art practices that do not fit into established exhibition modes.

Highlights of recent programming include artists such as Carolee Schneemann (2005), Nelson Henricks (2008), Deirdre Logue (2008), Aleesa Cohene (2008), Vida Simon and Tedi Tafel (2010) and PME-art (2010).

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