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Arts Network Ottawa (formerly AOE Arts Council)

Registered Name: Arts Network Ottawa/Réseau des arts d'Ottawa

Business Number: 121777023RR0001

ARTicipate Endowment Fund

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

The ARTicipate Endowment Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa (formerly AOE Arts Council) to support artistic programming in professional spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa. The Arts Network is the steward of the fund and is responsible for its promotion, administration and sustainability.

Each year, the interest earned on the ARTicipate Endowment Fund is distributed in the form of grants to Resident Arts Partners, local artists and arts organizations that will present or exhibit their work in professional spaces at the Centre.

Since 2010, the ARTicipate Endowment Fund has provided over $500,000 through 130 grants awarded to local artists and arts groups including the Shenkman Arts Centre’s five Resident Arts Partners (Arts Network Ottawa (formerly AOE Arts Council), Ottawa School of Art - Orléans Campus, Gloucester Pottery School, Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO), and Ottawa School of Theatre). Whether it is a stage performance, an art exhibition in one of the Centre’s galleries or a choral concert, because of donor’s financial commitment to the Fund, local artists are able to share their work at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  Collectively, we are proud of the positive impact the Fund has had on Ottawa’s arts community.

The Fund's objectives are to:

1. Foster the presentation and exhibition of high quality artistic work at the Shenkman Arts Centre

2. Invest in local Ottawa artists and arts organizations of all levels and disciplines  

3. Provide access to Shenkman Arts Centre spaces to non-resident artists and arts organizations 

4. Foster English, French and bilingual artistic activities at the Centre  

5. Spark collaborative projects involving more than one artist and/or arts  organization 

6. Support activities of the Resident Arts Partners of the Shenkman Arts Centre | Arts Network Ottawa (formerly AOE Arts Council), Gloucester Pottery School, MIFO, Ottawa School of Art - Orléans Campus and Ottawa School of Theatre.

For additional information, visit the ARTicipate website at:

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