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Our Mission

The Arusha Centre - Communities Taking Action!

Since 1972, Arusha has been busy informing, inspiring, and supporting Calgarians in being active citizens who are building a better world, starting in our own communities.

Arusha supports community-based groups and community organizers with various resources and services. We have several projects that engage and involve Calgarians.

Our programs are:

-Calgary Dollars:

-Open Streets Calgary:

-Take Action Grants:

Visit us online (, or call us at 403 270 3200 for more information about our projects.

What People Are Saying

"local and complementary currencies can make a huge difference as we build communities together and we’re proud at the City of Calgary to be partners and to accept Calgary Dollars, and now digital Calgary Dollars, for things like Calgary Transit tickets and business licence fees."

— Naheed Nenshi

"Thank you for the beautiful experience and teaching me knew things about electricity."

— Open Streets Festival Attendee

"Congratulations on this great achievement!"

— Canada Volunteer Awards "Social Innovator in the Prairies" to Arusha

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