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Ashbury College


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Established in 1891, Ashbury College is a leading independent school for boys and girls, grades 4 to 12, located in Ottawa, Canada.

Ashbury College


Funding Priorities

Ashbury College is guided by a five year strategic plan: Inspiring Global Citizens for the 21st Century. This plan outlines a vision for the school to be one of the finest academic institutions in the world, ensuring Ashbury has passionate teachers, inspirational facilities, growing endowment funds and a diverse student body.

In support of this vision, the Office of Advancement seeks to build strong and enduring relationships with parents and alumni committed to ensuring Ashbury remains an outstanding school. Our fundraising priorities are;


Our goal is clear: we want to bring to Ashbury the best students we can, regardless of their means to pay. 11% of our students are on some form of scholarship. Through endowed and direct funded scholarships we would like to double the amount of funding for our scholarship programs.


Ashbury is a vibrant and active community with 680 students. Our facilities are critical to our ability to offer our students and environment conducive to all forms of learning. Over the next five years our plans are to develop our facilities for music and art, add classroom space, initiate a new Creative Learning Centre for differentiated learning styles and redevelop some of our common spaces such as our fitness centre and multi-purpose theatre.

Teaching Resources

At Ashbury College we believe that academic programs must be constantly developed, evaluated and renewed to respond to an ever changing world. Our students and teachers are creative, always finding new ways to teach and learn. These ideas require support to provide new equipment, up-to-date materials and access to the latest technology.

Co-curricular Programs

Our students learn as much outside the classroom as they do within. They become leaders, exploring the limits of their potential through involvement in athletics, social clubs and school activities. These programs require discretionary support for travel, equipment and training.

Our needs are as diverse as our programs. An undesignated gift to the Headmaster’s Priority Fund will help us respond to emerging priorities quickly.  Regardless of amount, every gift combines to help Ashbury achieve its vision.




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